Expectations for Diezel Hockey Ambassadors: 

 We are looking for players enthusiastic about sharing hockey photos and be an inspiration to others by showcasing your dedication to improving your hockey skills by using ONLY Diezel sticks and encouraging your followers and friends to do the same. Contribute a minimum of 10-20 unique social media posts per month with personalized content. Remember to be authentic and keep it fresh. Diezel is looking for organic posts that contain our products being used in a hockey setting (please ensure that all ambassador posts are on topic and relevant to Diezel’s brand and proper usage of the product). Brand Ambassadors must be in compliance with all regulations relating to posting advertisements, as well as the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

  The Diezel Ambassador Program length is one hockey season from Fall to Summer, each ambassador will receive a new Diezel Stick and SWAG item each season. There is absolutely no cost to be a Diezel Hockey Ambassador. At the end of the season Diezel will reach out to ambassadors regarding a new contract with the team. INACTIVE Ambassadors will also be subject to removal.